Airbase Defender is an old-school action game with an 80s flair.

The objective of the game is to prevent enemy paratroopers from conquering your base and blowing up the player-controlled FLAK cannon.

Three types of weapons can be used for defence. The first is the FLAK cannon, which can shoot down falling paratroopers before they reach the ground. For shooting down five paratroopers, the player is rewarded with a smart missile which can shoot down helicopters.

A very special weapon is the so-called "shake". As soon as the player has shot down five helicopters, shaking the iPhone releases an atomic shockwave that destroys all visible enemies at once. Only the few paratroopers that have taken shelter under the player's FLAK cannon are spared this gruesome fate. The "shake" is accompanied by a vibration signal from the iPhone.

The cannon is controlled either by accelerometer or using a slider (so-called Classic Mode). The missiles are fired by tapping the screen at their desired destination.

The game graphics are lovingly designed with great attention to detail in a 2D pixel style that is deliberately reminiscent of the arcade games of the 80s.

The action-packed gameplay is accompanied by Heavy-Metal music. The menu features an orchestral soundtrack, setting the mood before the player faces the challenge ahead.

Furthermore, the game supports Openfeint - a system which allows players to compare their high scores with each other worldwide.

For everyone who loves classic action games in the style of Sabotage, there is no alternative to Airbase Defender.



  • 2D pixel-style graphics and animation
  • 3 weapon types (FLAK, missiles, shake)
  • 2 control types (Classic and Accelerometer)
  • Orchestral soundtrack + Heavy Metal in-game music
  • Openfeint support
  • Tested on OS4
  • Multitasking support